I believe that empathy, authenticity, and open-mindedness are crucial for the success of a individual, company or product. I consult companies based on these values.

As a consultant, I challenge startup founders to be bold and believe in their vision and strengths, while staying authentic and honest to themselves.

Selected Clients

I've supported a diverse set of companies. Often they're in the tech space, but that's not a requirement for me. Here's a selection of previous companies I supported:

  • Authory: I helped them to reach a wider audience and better engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  •, acquired by dSPACE: I gave group workshops and individual coachings for the Sales and Customer Support team. With my support, they refined their identity and improved processes for a more efficient sales and after-sales process and growing customer base.
  • Deta: In group workshops I supported the founders to refine their vision and build a product strategy to reflect it.

If you are interested in my consultation, reach out to me via email for a chat about your situation and desired outcome. Together we can come up with a format and cadence based on your needs.

You can also have a look at my previous projects.