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Book Review: Conversations with God

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This was the first book I ever read with a pencil and ruler ready at all times. I underlined parts on pretty much every page, and scribbled down notes on the margin. I also took notes in a separate notebook, but still missed out on copying all important parts. Hence, I want to reread the book to reflect even more about it.

This is a book that, if you liked reading it once, you will like reading it many more times.

As a side note/warning: This book might ruffle feathers of some readers. It contains strong opinion on sex, religion, God, and many other potentially controversial topics. Supposedly, it is the written record of an actual conversation the author had with God. To whom this may concern, I hope it does not ruffle your feathers.

It’s difficult for me to describe or condense the contents of the book in a concise and elaborate way, but it’s basically the record of a conversation the author had with God. They literally discuss Life, the Universe, and Everything in roughly a question and answer format, though the answers tend to spread over many pages (which is a good thing!).

I will list some ideas from the book that stuck with me via my trusted notebook. Note that most of the following points are almost one-to-one copies from the book, and each of them deserves so much more elaboration and explanation which I left out as to not would end up copying the entire book altogether.

  • There are five attitudes of God - loving, joyful, grateful, accepting, blessing.
  • Humans are threefold beings - body (physical), mind (non-physical), spirit (meta-physical).
  • “I AM” is a strong creative statement. To create, state it. For example, say it out loud while focusing on your breath.
  • Freedom means to live your life without expectation, without the need for specific results. Freedom in that sense is Godliness.
  • Creation of anything is a three step process. From thoughts, over words to actions. Therefore: think clearly, speak clearly, do.
  • Being is the highest state of existence. Pure being is pure God-ing.
  • Passion is the love of turning being into doing.
  • What you resist persists, and what you look at disappears. Therefore, never resist anything. If you think that by your resistance you will eliminate it, think again.
  • The point of life is to create - who and what you are, and then to experience that.
  • Let your love propel your beloveds into the world - and into the full experience of who they are. In this will you have truly loved.
  • The purpose of a relationship is to decide, what part of yourself you’d like to see “show up”, not what part of another you can capture and hold.

And here is what I would choose if I could only take away one thing from the book:

The one question: What would love do now?

This book has been and is truly inspirational and contributes a lot to my search of my personal vision for my life. I can recommend it to anyone who has a lot of questions and is looking for answers. While the book does offer a lot of answers, it also poses many opportunities and food for thought to find answers yourself.

Published 27 Dec 2018

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