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Building Bridges

Today’s my birthday and even though I am going through an intense time in my life right now, I am so happy and grateful to be more in connection with myself than ever.

Yesterday I wrote a poem that I find beautiful, and it helped me to realize that building bridges comes easy to me and that I find joy in doing so. I am Nilan, the bridge builder (No, please don’t call me that, call me Nilan!).

By the way, even the fact that I am able to create something that I find beautiful makes me very happy. I wish I am able to have that feeling more and more, and others will have that feeling more and more as well. There is much value in that.


Photo by Svetlana Gumerova on Unsplash

Very early on in my life, I noticed that there are many aspects we need to be aware of to fully understand any interaction and relation between two or more entities; to understand why sometimes, such interactions are fruitful and beneficial, and sometimes they are confrontational and painful. This applies to anything, but for the rest of the thought I’ll stick with people.

When two persons meet, a connection opens between them. And suddenly, the realities and universes of both are meeting. This might trigger one or two emotions, thoughts and finally reactions in either side of the connection. (I used the phrase “one or two” as I would use the German phrase “die ein oder andere”. This doesn’t sound as smooth in English as it does in German. How sad!)

I am curious to find out how I can start building more bridges, stronger bridges, more beautiful bridges. Bridges to myself, between others, to something, somewhere. I have found building bridges to be simple and often easy - and seemingly outright impossible at times!

A very recent realization is, that building bridges is only a first step. After a connection is established, time, care and effort can go into maintaining that connection. This is something that can happen more consciously or less consciously.

After having become aware that building bridges is a thing, a simple thing, my intention is to put more awareness into that which flows across the bridge. For physical bridges, that might be people, cars, horses and other moving things. For other bridges, I am pointing once again towards this poem for a few ideas of what that could be. I am sure it is something magical and breathtaking, though.

So long, to building bridges, tearing down walls and breaching barriers!

Published 16 Sep 2019

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