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Express Yourself

Frustration can arise when you are in a space between rest and movement. A state between focus and distraction. You do many things, but you’re not doing anything. You speak a lot, but you do not say anything. You hear a lot, but you don’t listen. You are in a state of dissociation.


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When you are blocked, and inspiration is amiss - what to do, where to go?

Go inward

Look inside yourself. Every feeling tells its own story. Every thought can lead to endless possibilities. Tell your stories, explore the possibilities.

Go outward

Look around you. Every object has a story to tell. Every object invokes your reaction. What associations do you have to the world around you?

Go backward

Is there an event that happened to you that you haven’t fully processed yet? A minute ago, last week, or 20 years ago. Maybe now is the right time to look at it. Express what happened, what it made you feel then, and what you feel now.

Go sideward

If you are blocked on a certain project - maybe now is not the right time to work on it. Focus on your awareness, and inspiration might just strike you to do something else you care about.

For example, if you’re blocked with writing your article, inspiration might strike you to clean up your room, or paint a new picture. Follow your inspiration.

Go forward

Connect with yourself. Connect with your breath. Connect with the world. Follow your flow. Do not direct or censor it. It will lead you to the next step. Take it.

Go up and down

Jump, jump, jump. Shake up your entire body! Bring in new energy and new movement, and ride its wave!

Be still

Sit upright and still. Turn off your smartphone and your computer, shut down all the noise. Breath. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel yourself. Feel the room. Let the water of your inner being reach a state of total stillness and enjoy the idyllic scene. Close your eyes. See, listen, feel. What do you see? What do you hear? What is it that you sense?

Express Yourself

Express what is already in you that needs to be expressed.

Published 19 Oct 2020

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