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Ramune + Ramen - name a more iconic duo

ramune 01

I had the pleasure to drink this beauty at the beautiful Ramen Place Takumi Nine Sapporro in Chausseestraße. This was actually the second time I drank Ramune here, it was a lucky coincidence I returned to this place.

The Ramen here is delicious and the staff is friendly. The place is typically quite crowdy and we were lucky to grab a seat this night. Overall a great experience, but not as cheap as other food.

The bottle has a special opening device - seen in green on the picture below - to push down the glass ball that keeps the bottle closed. Afterwards, the ball is kept in place by two small bumps inside.

Ramune has a distinct taste, but it’s fairly similar to literal lemonade. I would describe it as a mix between Sprite and Uludag. But with Ramune, the drinking experience is not only about taste, and that’s amazing!

ramune 02

Published 4 Feb 2018

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