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You are holy

A letter to my younger self, my future self, and humanity.


Photo by Nelly Volkovich on Unsplash

Isn’t it absolutely inhumane and disgusting?

That all your life, you are told to hate yourself.
That you are not right the way you are.
That you are worth nothing beyond your work.
That huge system of cogs and wheels and strings and shackles.

All your life, you are told
that your emotions are out of place.
That your body is not human the way it is.
That your voice is too loud,
your eyes too big,
your heart too generous,
your pain too irrelevant,
your desires too daring
to declare your existence anything else than an insult of creation.

Your worth is non-existent,
the only worth is in your suffering that generates more output.
Your performance is not measured by
your enlightenment, growth and thriving.
Your final destination is the dumpster of society.

Your back is of interest until it breaks.
Your soul is a distraction, an enemy to your productivity.
Your creativity is a risk factor for the predictablity of the machine that is so well-oiled by everything it is grinding.

Grinding your bones until they are flour.
Grinding your nerves until you are nerveless.
Grinding your very essence until you vanish.

This, my friend, couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Listen - I say - it is your duty to listen.
Listen to yourself!

Your emotions are holy,
as they are your interface to the world beyond your thoughts.
Your body is holy,
as it gives space for your soul, your heart and your mind.
Your voice is holy,
as it serves as a channel from your heart to the world.
Your eyes are holy,
as they allow you to see wonders.
Your heart is holy,
as it holds love and pain, sadness and joy, wisdom and naivety and everything in between.
Your pain is holy,
as it reminds you of the fragility of beauty.
Your desires are holy,
as they lead your way towards yourself.

You are holy,
and your worth is inherent.
Your performance cannot be measured.
Water flows how water flows, and trees are rocked in the wind as trees do.
Your enlightenment, growth and thriving are an infinite source of joy, and
your final destination is to be one with yourself and the universe.

Your back is carrying the weight of the world and lifts it up.
Your soul is the essence, and a friend to everyone.
Your creativity is what makes this world beautiful.

So, speak - I say - it is your duty to speak.
Express yourself!
And love yourself.
And love everything you see and breath and touch.
And finally, overcome this oppression - it is made by humans for humans.
And, as such, you can unmake it as well.

Published 21 Aug 2019

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