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How to run all tests in a specific folder with Bazel


Bazel is a build tool that is commonly used for Java, C++, Android, iOS, Go and more languages.

bazel test allows you to run the tests in your project.

Running All Tests in a Specific Package

Like bazel build, bazel test accepts a target specification to specify which tests to run. Here’s a detailed overview of the bazel target specification syntax.

Here, I’m showing how to select tests from a specific package and folder. Suppose that your project structure is as follows:

├── api
│   ├── BUILD
│   └── src
│       ├── main
│       └── test
└── core
    └── utils
        ├── BUILD
        └── src
            ├── main
            └── test

Note that the BUILD files are Bazel specific build configuration files. Here are the commands you need to run:

# run all tests; in this case, tests below `api` an `core` folders
bazel test //...

# run all tests in `api` package; both commands are equivalent

# run all tests in `core/utils` package

Running Tests with Bazel in IntelliJ IDEA

In IntelliJ IDEA, if you installed the Bazel plugin, you can create a new Run Configuration to run all tests in a specific folder.

Here is an example for the folder api:

IntelliJ Run Configuration

Published 14 Jul 2021

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