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The Beauty of Darkness and Light


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There is
a certain beauty about it.

When it builds up over time
it grows and flourishes.
Words are said.
Feelings are exchanged.
Hearts connect.

But over time
words get louder.
Feelings hidden.
Hearts get hurt.

And beneath a layer
of happiness and joy
a looming darkness is
Every time we break
light shines into it.

And when we care
for ourselves
and heal us
we grow stronger
and brighter.
Words are warm.
Feelings genuine.
Hearts get closer.

But if the outer shell
the darkness will come
and it will reign
and it will reign
over your heart
with demonic might
and it will crush you
and it will crush you

And when you break
take that light
and keep it
in your heart.
And it will stay
and it will shine
and it will guard.

the mightiest night
the darkest darkness
will be overcome
by the soothing
of love
and joy
and wisdom
from your heart.

Published 19 Oct 2018

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