In my YouTube channel, I am exploring video as a medium for multiple formats:

  • My Mystic Monologues are ad-libs about various topics like poetry, personal development, spirituality, languages and coaching.
  • I am documenting my journing of learning to play the Setar in My Setar Journey.
  • I record readings of my poetry in Poetry Readings.
  • I share my experience in product management, software development, building startups, customer support and other topics, with the focus on making customers successful in Customer Success.

At XChange I build a startup ecosystem based on collaboration.

Some projects I’m proud of:

  • At rideOS, I am building software to efficiently move people and things throughout the world, and I’m helping our partners and customers in the automotive, self-driving car and ridehailing industries to use it.

  • I grew the Prisma community from scratch to several thousand active members and tens of thousands of customers - here’s what they say about me.

  • My articles have been published on CSS Tricks, Auth0 and other platforms.

  • I implemented the app for Optonaut in Android and OpenGL and was responsible for the quality assurance of all software libraries at Prisma for almost three years.

  • I have created a wide range of blog articles and learning resources in the area of software development, like Learn Relay & Learn Apollo and an Android course.

  • I reviewed the How to GraphQL project and made large contributions to Prisma’s documentation and blog.

  • I was the MC at GraphQL Day Amsterdam 2018 and guided hundreds of attendees through the one day conference.

  • I finished my master degree in Computer Science at Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. My master thesis is On the security of verifiable random functions in the field of cryptography.

  • Languages open doors to new worlds. Therefore, I am very interested in Language Learning. At Language Learners Club, I was building tools for everyone who’s learning a new language.